Azul Verde


I am Earth


Painted live at Moksha Yoga Square One for a charity event, Enlighten me was sold the same night. Materials Include: Silver leaf and Acrylic paint.


Queen is a representation of a powerful woman, colours to express freedom and joy, and a crown to top it off.


Dia De los Muertos is an important festival celebrated in Mexico. Carmen was made to represent an important figure to me that was unique and different from other females.

Reina De Mexico

Reina was also inspired by my trip to Mexico City after being a part of the pilgrimage on Dec 12, to see La Virgin de Guadalupe


Lora was inspired by a trip taken to Mexico City in late 2011. Skulls and skeleton figures are part of the Mexican culture and can be found almost anywhere.

Generation Art

Thanks to the “Remix Project” this opportunity was presented to myself and 2 other artists to create a piece for Former Governor General of Canada Michaelle Jean for the launch of her new project Generation Art. This piece was also displayed in one of Toronto’s furniture store EQ3


Created for Bereaved Family Services of Peel, and auctioned at the Living Art Centre of Mississauga, this piece was made to inspire and bring hope to those dealing with grief.  Healing is letting go of the pain and flying towards faith.